Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Flooded Living Room/Kitchen in Carson, California

This family was on vacation and came home to disaster! The dishwasher had flooded the whole bottom floor and caused a significant mount of damage at this Carson... READ MORE

I Hear Water Dripping Inside My Walls

If you hear spraying noises inside your drywall... more than likely its a water leak and should be addressed as quick as possible to avoid claim expenses. This ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Master Bedroom in The Harbor Area

This home had over 2 feet of water due to a copper pipe leaking inside their drywall's. When our crews arrived the water had receded and the homeowner began dry... READ MORE

Water Stains: Causes & Solutions

Have you ever went to a friend or family members house to find a nasty brownish/yellowish stain on the ceiling of there home? When you see this stain in your ho... READ MORE

Bubbles Forming Inside My House?

Have you ever noticed bubble's forming on the walls or ceiling of your home? That's a sign that you could possibly be dealing with water damage. A water damage ... READ MORE

Roof Leak Causes Water Damage During Raining Season in LA

Living in Los Angeles you know we have the best weather in the world! With that being said, we don't get to much rain fall on our side, but when we do.. it pour... READ MORE