What our Customers say...

General Testimonials

I feel like service is very important and the representative at SERVPRO by the name of Adam was very knowledgeable and helpful. SERVPRO was a great service I would definitely use again.

I work at a State Farm Insurance Agency in Torrance, Ca. & not many vendors come into our office and take them time to build a relationship with us so we can refer our clients to them. I personally like referring our clients to someone I know and can trust. Adrian came in and did just that. The next day one of our clients had a water problem which was the perfect opportunity to refer SERVPRO. Adrian kept me updated throughout the whole process and how our client was doing. Any questions I had he was quick to respond to all of them! I was so pleased with the whole process but I still had to find out how our insured felt about everything which was the most important thing. Our client was happy with the thorough job they did and did say she will contact them again with any other water issues she has.
All in all it was a great experience, great company, and friendly employees!